Maserati MC20: the supercar that we’ve been waiting 15 years for

Maserati has finally taken the sheets off its new supercar, the MC20, its first supercar in 15 years!

Aston Martin’s greatest hits all in one: the Victor

Aston Martin has made a one-off hypercar based on its greatest hits.

Lucid Air: Saudi’s new electric car

Three years in the making, Saudi Arabia's new EV, Lucid Air will be launched on September 9.

Maserati MC20 Engine Specifications

Over the past few months Maserati has been teasing fans with 'spy' photos of their new little Italian sportscar; the MC20. Recently they've reignited that excitment (in case it died down a little bit) by relasing engine details about the Nettuno engine that is going to be used in the MC20.

Tesla dead last in USA quality study

Bad news for Tesla, because they've come dead last in a US-based study that surveys problems reported by buyers of new cars within the first 90 days of ownership. Embarrassing.

Lamborghini SCV12: a track monster hypercar

Let's take a look at Lamborghini's new creation for the extremely wealthy enthusiasts who can afford a track-only beast!

Mercedes-AMG A45 S vs Audi RS4 Avant Drag Race

Honestly I'm shocked at the results! The A45 S is worth the $100K price tag!

Godzilla in action: GT-R50 by Italdesign around a track

Earlier in May we were able to witness the official unveiling of the finished version of the GT-R50 and now, we have been blessed because we can watch the godzilla, going around the Tazio Nuvolari circuit in Italy.

What does the future hold for Lotus?

According to reports, the British sportscar maker, Lotus, will be introducing one more petrol powered model in 2022 before switching to full electric models. It’s been suggested that Lotus will be skipping hybrid technology and driving straight into manufacturing fully... View Article

BMW M5 Competition gets a facelift

Covers have finally come off of BMW's new facelifted M5 and M5 Competition and Australia will only have access to the higher spec M5 Competition scheduled to arrive in October.