Lucid Air: Saudi’s new electric car

by Kiana
September 6, 2020

Three years in the making, Saudi Arabia’s new EV, Lucid Air will be launched on September 9.

According to Lucid (specifically their CEO and CTO, Peter Rawlinson), their new car will be ground breaking and will have “created a new benchmark for EVs” by taking lead ranking for performance and efficiency.

It will be capable of producing 1,080 horsepower making it 59 percent more powerful than its competitor, although they haven’t clarified who this competitor is. Also notable is its 1/4-mile time of 9.9 seconds.

According to Lucid, the Air will have the highest charging rate on the market at 300kW which allows the car to top up range to 480 km in just 20 minutes using 350kW chargers.

Reportedly, the Air will have the longest driving range of 832 km, taking the crown from Tesla’s Model S that has a range of 647 km.

A cool technology (not yet approved) of the new car is its ability to discharge to the grid making it basically a driveable battery.

Lucid aims to launch the vehicle in overseas markets in the northern hemisphere in spring of 2021.