Tesla Motors & Classic Ferraris

by Kiana
September 1, 2019

There’s a new industry growing in size and getting attention from petrolheads around the world. A few firms have started converting classic cars into electric vehicles by replacing the engine and fuel tanks with a battery pack and motor.

The firms purchase old Nissan and Tesla parts and add them into Ferraris, Porsches and BMWs making the cars more environmentally friendly, easier to maintain and much quicker. The general process differs between each firm and each car but the general process is:

  1. Take out engine and fuel tank
  2. Replace with battery pack and motor
  3. Connect motor to old gearbox

The above process is reversible and according to Richard Morgan, owner of Electric Classic Cars, in an interview with the BBC that the owners have never asked for their car to be converted back to petrol or to keep their petrol engine in storage (a service which they offer).

A more exotic conversion by Electric Classic Cars includes a Ferrari 308GTE which can now do the 0-60 km/h sprint in just 3.5 seconds, half its petrol-driven time. According to Electric Classic Cars, the car could do the sprint in just 2.7 seconds but it was toned down due to the rest of the car not being strong enough to handle it.

Apart from the “saving the polar bears” quality and the better performance spec, this is also a fantastic opportunity to save these cars. Considering that petrol is a non-renewable energy and that we will run out of it one day, this is a great way to save these cars (their bodies) and making them not only more reliable but also enjoyable in the future.

Some would call this vandalising the cars but it’s the same concept as living in an 18th century house; have you vandalised it by adding central heating and electricity?