F1 Inspired Lanzante McLaren P1 GTR-18

by Kiana
April 26, 2020

McLaren P1, the best looking and most admired hypercar of all time, is getting a mini rivival at the hands of Lanzante. Lanzante is a British tuner and racing team that was responsible for the McLaren F1 GTR’s, sensational 1995 victory at Le Mans. This car is not their first P1 project, Lanzante’s previous P1 projects include P1 LM and P1 GT which are two street-legal riffs on the track-only P1 GTR!

Lanzante’s latest P1 project takes the styling of their new car, called the P1 GTR-18, from the iconic Team Davidoff number 28R F1 GTR. The GTR-18’s livery matches the exact colour codes of the original F1, even the exposed carbon fiber has a unique hue that matches the F1.

The GTR-18’s livery aside, its bodywork is identical to the P1 GT. It has the same huge rear wing, lengthened rear bodywork and roof scoop with a more luxurious cabin, featuring leather trim and sound deadening.

Lanzante plans to produce six road legal examples of the GTR-18s. Each one will have its own retro racing-inspired livery and a bunch of accessories like matching painted in-car speakers.

Lanzante hasn’t released any information about the price tag for these creations but my best guess is it will cost more than a few average homes.