Christmas gifts for the petrolhead in your life

by Kiana
December 15, 2020

If you have a petrolhead in your life and you haven’t bought them a gift yet, I have 5 suggestions for you that will (hopefully) arrive just in time for Christmas.

Keep it simple with a carguy t-shirt

Pretty simple, but it will leave the petrolhead in your life smiling! You can order one for a carguy and a cargal (but it’ll still say carguy which is dumb but anyways) and for a youngling. The item will cost you $27.05 and you can find it here.

Keep it classy with some speedometer and fuel gauge cufflings

That’s righ! Stay classy while staying true to your passion in 2021 with a speedometer and fuel gauge cufflings. It’ll costs $27.07 with four and a half star rating and you can find it here.

Lamborghini headphones

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many things an average Lambo enthusiast can afford with the badge of the raging bull on it. But this is one of those examples of overpriced ordinary objects from Lamborghini that is somewhat affordable. Lamborghini has teamed up with Master & Dynamic, a NY based maker of high end audio products, to create noise cancelling, wireless headphones. It is pricey and it’ll cost $549 plus $30 express shipping for worldwide orders. You can find the item here.

Puma’s car collections

Puma has teamed up with multiple motorsport teams like BMW M Motorsport, Mercedes AMG and Scuderia Ferrari to create sneakers, tshirts and jackets. View the collections here.

Ferrari sunglasses

Another collab gift idea. Ferrari has teamed up with RayBans to create some sunglasses. I will admit that most of them are pretty ugly but it still has a Ferrari badge so it is relevant to this list. Full list of available sunglasses are here.

There you go. Go on buy something off this list to treat the petrolhead im your life this Xmas! Goodluck!