Porsche & Embraer ‘Duet’: the Ultimate Jet+Supercar Pair

by Kiana
November 7, 2020

You know how some days when you wake up and you think to yourself ‘damn, my supercar doesn’t match my private jet’ and it spins you into a frenzy about how hard your life is? Well, fear no more because now you can score yourself a matching supercar and jet. Introducing the Porsche & Embraer ‘Duet’.

I think Boss Hunting describes it very well when they say that there’s nothing ‘more baller than a matching Embraer Phenom 300E jet and Porsche 911 Turbo S’. Indeed, there isn’t.

If you’ve got a few million dollars lying around then this is the smartest shopping decision that you can make! The ‘Duet’ will cost you US$10.9 million – a very reasonable price.

According to Michael Amalfitano, CEO of Embraer Executive Jets, this will be a one-time-only pairing and it has taken the companies four years to develop this collaboration. “The design was all about exclusivity… but always focusing on the customers.”

So, to make this pairing exclusive, the duo has a two-tone finish of Silver Metallic and Jet Grey Metallic and hand-painted pinstripes in Brilliant Chrome and Speed Blue.

The ‘Duet’ collaboration logo is embossed on the headrests of the aircraft and the car. A redesigned cockpit for the Phenom 300E to resemble the 911. And 911’s rear wing has been styled with the jet’s flight registration number which is nice.

With your purchase of a brand-new jet and supercar, you also get a Porsche Design luggage set and a special edition new 1919 Globetimer UTC timepiece from Porsche Design.

The Porsche & Embraer ‘Duet’ will be limited to just 10 pairs and deliveries are scheduled for 2021.