Story Time: How I Got a Job at a Ferrari Dealership

by Kiana
May 18, 2020

Picture it: Sydney 2019. Bored of the university lifestyle and my family’s cars at the time (VW Golf TSI and Audi Q3 TFSI) I took it upon myself to book test drives for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the 4C, hoping I could convince my mother to upgrade at least one of the sensible German cars for the passionate Italian Alfa Romeo.

The outcome that I was hoping for was, mother falling in love with the Alfa Romeo 4C during the test drive so that I could persuade her to get the baby Ferrari for weekend joy rides, and keep one of the sensible German cars for sensible weekday activities. Plan B was persuading mother to sell the Audi Q3 and replace it with the beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia.

When we arrived at the dealership, Alfa was having a very busy day. There were people getting in and out of cars, sales representatives were running around with contracts and sorting out test drives for people – it was hectic. We were told to have a seat and someone would be with us shortly.

A little while later a sales representative, let’s call him Mark, came by and took us to have a look at the Alfa Romeo 4C. I think Mark underestimated my knowledge of the 4C – in all fairness most people wouldn’t expect a girl to know too much about cars – so he began explaining some of the features of the 4C in a more simple language. The conversion went something like this:

Mark: “The 4C has over 200 horsepower.”

Me: “It has 240 horsepower.”

Mark: “It weighs around 900 kg.”

Me: “Actually the right hand drive is around 100kg heavier.”

Mark: “What, did you make the car or something?”

Me: “No, I just really like them.”

Mark: “You should come work here then.”

Me: “Yeah. Ok.”

Mark: “You serious?”

And so we got off topic and lost sight of the ball – the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Giulia. Mark gave me his card and asked me to go home straight away and send him my resume since “you could teach someone to sell a car but finding someone with the passion was harder.” I was so excited I couldn’t even sit in one spot. When I looked at Mark’s card it said Manager Ferrari, Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo and Ferrari?! I was so excited I don’t remember anything else – the amount of adrenaline and dopamine was so high in my body that everything felt like a fast-paced blur.

The week after this, I started at the dealership and it was probably one of the most fun experiences of my life. There was a new sales representative that had also started recently and we did a lot of test drives of the models – my favourite was the Abarth 595 Competizione. They also had a Lamborghini Huracan Performante which I got to rev and lost around 60% of my hearing because of it, but it was so worth it! Also, being in a space with like 20 prancing horses without the usual number of petrolheads buzzing about is strangely intimidating, but it was sight to behold.

So yeah, there you go. That’s how I ended up getting a job at Ferrari. Also, I did manage to convince mother to swap the Q3 for the Giulia. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful car (except its air-conditioning).

Note: the cover photo is not from the dealership I worked at.