Stay in your Garage 2: Isolation Entertainment

by Kiana
April 13, 2020

So, the isolation situation is still very similar to when I wrote Stay in your Garage 1. We are all still staying in our garages with our cars thanks to Coronavirus and once again have to rely on the internet for all of our entertainment and socialising needs. Here’s the best car entertainment I found on the internet this week instead of doing my assignments and uni work.

A Watch: Bugatti Edition

Jacob & Co and Bugatti have partnered up to create the $280,000 Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon. It has a small functioning W16 engine that is suspended by four “shock absorbers”. When you push the right-hand crown the turbos kick-off, crankshaft turns over and the mini pistons pump up and down.

Audi’s Four Rings Challenge: Mercedes Edition

At the end of last month, Audi issued an online challenge #FourRingsChallenge asking people to recreate their logo with whatever they can think of. Well, Mercedes also decided to take Audi up on their challenge and recreated their logo with an AMG C63 Cabrio. Now, everyone is waiting for Audi to make the next move.

Online Auction: Military Edition

In case you didn’t know, there’s a place called Australian Frontline Machinery which sells ex-military machines, all the way from Defenders to
remote controlled mine clearing vehicles to helicopters and military ships like HMAS Norman (II). They have an online Auction that starts in three days (Thursday 16/4/2020) and runs for seven days and so it’s good entertainment to subscribe to a couple of their available cars/helis and see how much they go for.

Not car related but I wonder if they’ll ever have Super Hornets in their range I can buy.

Corona awareness: Mercedes Edition

Mercedes has shared a few interesting posts, raising awareness for good Coronavirus etiquette and to raise more awareness for some of their classes. Check out their ad for G-Class below.