Stay in your Garage 1: Isolation Entertainment

by Kiana
April 1, 2020

With the Coronavirus keeping most of us inside and in isolation, we are relying on the internet to keep us entertained. After switching between the same three apps – Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest – for many, many hours, here are the best and most entertaining content I could find.

Wheelsandmore’s Cummander

That’s right, a German tuner has recently named their Mercedes-AMG GT63 S project, The Cummander and this is their justification for the name:

“The dirty, provocative naming of the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S has been chosen deliberately and flirts with the terms power and devotion ambiguously.”

Bugatti’s Holy Trinity

Bugatti had recently gathered their three most iconic supercars from 1990s, 2000s and 2010s for a photoshoot in Dubai and how I wish I was bystander the day this took place!

Promoting Social Distancing

Because we all have to be 1.5m apart.

April Fools Part 1: BMW i-Setta

BMW Japan released a photo of their upcoming electric vehicle, the i-Setta. They didn’t give too much information but BMW Japan believes that the i-Setta is the perfect balance between “tradition and innovation.”

April Fools Part 2: Lotus Pet Helmet

Lotus’ new product might not be what you expected. It’s a skid lid for your cat. Here’s what Lotus had to say about its new product:

“After extensive and hair-raising time trials, Lotus has developed its new lifestyle range of stylish helmets for cats to be both practical and desirable. Tipping the scales at a trim 25 grams, the wonderfully detailed lids can be personalised with your furry companion’s name and blood group.

Available in a choice of contemporary and historic colour schemes, the new Lotus Pet Lids are a perfect way to enhance the safety of cats for trips to the vet, visiting a cat show, or just a spirited Sunday drive.”