2020 Tesla Model X: Pricing and Specifications

by Kiana
December 9, 2019

The 2020 Tesla Model X has become faster and more expensive compared to previous years’ models.
Tesla will be offering two Model X variants, the Long Range and the Performance. The entry level price for the Model X has increased by $2,000, prices now starting from $133,900 plus on-road costs, whilst the price for the Performance variant has increased by $2,300, now starting from $151,900 plus on-road costs.
The 2020 Model X Performance can now hit 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds, 0.2 seconds quicker than the 2017 Model X. The Long Range is no slouch either, being able to hit the double digits in just 4.9 seconds.
As the name suggests, the Long Range variant will have a longer range of 580 km whilst the Performance will have a range 27 km shorter, being 553 km.
You can place an order for the 2020 Model X on the Tesla website now.