A Brief Look at the New 600LT

by Kiana
November 8, 2019

The new 600 Long Tail is McLaren’s latest limited edition car derived from the 570S. The car was launched in Australia on Wednesday 19th of September. The 600LT is faster, lighter and in every way better than the one that it’s based on. The 570s is McLaren’s proposal as to what a daily driveable supercar can be like. The car offers comfortable ride, gorgeous looks which outdoes any other daily driven cars on the road, and when required the car can come alive and turn into a track beast! Now, the new 600LT is the track focused car targeted for a market who want an even faster and comfortable daily driveable supercar!

The 570S was already an attractive looking car but they somehow managed to make the 600LT even more attractive and wild with extra carbon fiber and its retuned aerodynamics! The front looks very much the same as the 570S but the crazy starts when you move along to its sides and the rear. The sides get sportier carbon-fiber side skirts that feature the 600LT logo. The mirrors get carbon fiber caps – so did the 570S but only through the MSO program. The 600LT gets new wheels that are lighter than those on the 570S. Wearing the “Long Tail” badge means the car is longer than the 570S by 7.4 cm (2.9 inches). The rear is where most of the exciting things happen. The 600LT has a fixed wing and race inspired diffuser with huge verticle blades. The aerodynamics is improved by adding scooped sides to its bumper. But without a doubt, the best and biggest change are the exhaust pipes (or as I like to call them the flame throwers)! The were relocated from the bumper corners to being placed on the engine hood! Not only does this look more aggressive but it helps the 600LT shed a lot of weight!

Inside the cabin looks more track focused compared to the 570S. The biggest change are the carbon fiber racing seats borrowed from the P1. They reduce the weight of the car and provide enhanced lateral support. Carbon fiber is used extensively for the interior to reduce weight. The instrument cluster was carried over from the 570S but its sportiergraphics look a lot more track focused. There is another cost option for Super Lightweight seats which come from the Senna which provides the best support during a high speed lap.

The car gets a 3.8L twin turbo V8 and when you look at it’s specs they are somewhat similar to that of the 720S. The 600LT can do 0-100kph (62mph) in 2.9 seconds and so can the 720S. The 600LT has a top speed of 328kph (204 mph) while the 720S does 341 kph (212mph). The stopping distance from 100-0 kph for the 600LT is 31m and for the 720S is 30m. The 600LT price starts from $455,000 whilst for the 720S the price starts from $489,000. So, why wouldn’t someone work a little harder and save up $50,000 and get a 720S instead? When I went to have a look at the car on Saturday I asked them that; why would someone pick the 600LT out of McLaren’s range over the 720S? Their response was quite simple; some clients didn’t like the design of the 720S. I personally think that the design looks superb and makes the car so much more unique compared to its competitors but some people don’t like the design. Their response to my question also included that because the car is a limited edition means that the units are restricted to whatever number of interest is in the cars within one year, so there will be a lot less units of the 600LT compared to the 720S which means that the car is much more exclusive. Personally I would take the 720S over the 600LT but I have no doubt that the 600LT is still a fantastic car!