Elon Musk Confirms Early Delivery for 7-seater Model Y

by Kiana
June 22, 2020

US Tesla customers can expect first deliveries of the 7-seater electric Model Y to start in the last quarter of 2020, three months ahead of schedule.

Although the Model Y is not yet available in Australia – in 5-seater or 7-seater form – US customers will soon have the option of choosing the 7-seater option.

Tesla has been delivering the Model Y in the US since March, but so far only the 5-seater option had been available to US customers.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and Co-Founder, has confirmed that Tesla will likely begin deliveries of the 7-seater Model Y in October as opposed to initial schedules for early 2021.

The base price for the Model Y is $US52,990 ($AUD77,383) for the Long Range and $US60,990 ($AUD89,066) for the Performance variant. If the 7-seater option is selected as well, it will cost an additional $US3,000 ($AUD4,380).