Fast and Failures: Engineers Jailed for Racing C8 Corvettes

by Kiana
January 25, 2020

A major issue for most petrolheads in most countries, is that one cannot drop the hammer on public streets in any car. However, two enthusiasts did not consider this matter to be too serious.

Earlier this month two General Motors employees took two new Chevy C8 Corvette Stingray to the streets of Bowling Green, Kentucky for a “little” spin, which resulted in their arrest.

According to Kentucky State Police, the two were caught exceeding the 45mph speed limit, reckless driving and racing motor vehicles on a public road. One Corvette was clocked for doing 120 mph and the other at 100 mph.

As for the cars, the Corvettes were towed from the scene and were deposited at a tow lot. They were collected the next day by representatives on General Motors.

It’s unknown whether the two still have jobs with General Motors or not. I’m not saying that speeding or racing on public roads shouldn’t be considered a serious offence, but having such a car at your disposal, I understand why they did it!