Lucid Air’s line up and specs

by Kiana
November 3, 2020

Order books have officially opened to international buyers for Saudi’s first electric vehicle, the Lucid Air. In the US, its home market, prices start from around AUD$99,000 for a base model.

Although Lucid’s home market is the US, buyers from other countries such as Australia can place a deposit of $400 regardless of variant. It should be noted that the final price for Australian market hasn’t yet been finalised.

Base model Air has a single motor on the rear axle which delivers around 358 kW (480 horsepower) and has the ability to do 653 km of range in between charges. Buyers also have the option to select a dual motor all wheel drive set up, the standard set up across rest of the range, which makes this option a bit redundant in my honest opinion but anyway.

Next variant is the Touring which if you convert the US price to AUD it costs around $124,000. As a standard it has a dual motor all wheel drive drivetrain with power output of 462 kW (620 horsepower) and a same range as the base model. It has 20-inch wheels as standard (while base has 19-inch with 20 being available as an option), more interior trim options and a panoramic roof.

The top of the line, Grand Touring, which costs around AUD$186,000 in US has the same set up as the Touring as standard but its power output has been bumped up to 597 kW (800 horsepower) and an extended range of 832km. As standard the car gets 21-inch wheels, Nappa leather interior and alcantara details, 3D surround audio and glass ceiling.

There’s also a limited edition ‘Dream Edition’ which has been based on the Grand Touring. It costs around $228,000 in the US. Power has been upped again to a whopping 805 kW (1,080 horsepower) while its range has suffered a bit to now only being able to do 810km. The Dream Edition also gets unique interior and wheels.

Deliveries will start in the US in April 2021 while delivers in other markets such as Australia will begin in 2022.