Maserati MC20: the supercar that we’ve been waiting 15 years for

by Kiana
September 10, 2020

Maserati has finally taken the sheets off its new supercar, the MC20, its first supercar in 15 years!

The gullwing coupe is the successor to Maserati’s legendary MC12, with half the number of cylinders and the ability to outperform it’s big brother.

The MC20 has a 3.0 litre V6 engine, producing 630 horsepower (463 kW) and 730 Nm of torque allowing it to do the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 325 km/h.

The design of the MC20 does pay tribute to its predecessor, the MC12, with its rhomboid headlights and stretched out front grille. At the back of the car there’s a large diffuser and a discrete rear spoiler that improves downforce without compromising the beauty of the MC20.

There are six colours that have been developed exclusively for the MC20 that customers can choose from.

Inside, the car is driver focused and Maserati has removed all distractions, encouraging the driver to focus on the driving experience of the car. On the carbon fibre central console there are only a few essential features such speed selection buttons and driving mode selector (GT, Wet, Sport, Corsa and a fifth, ESC Off). On the left side of the steering wheel you can find the ignition button and launch control on the right.

Although the unveiling of the MC20 signifies a new era for Maserati, I can’t help but think that the MC20 is a bit old fashioned. While all of Maserati’s competitors are focusing on creating hybrid supercars and all electric hypercars with new and innovative technology, Maserati has paired their eight-speed automatic, rear wheel drive supercar with a V6 petrol engine.

But perhaps that’s what’s going to make the MC20 successful. While everyone else has moved on to battle it out for the new market, Maserati’s MC20 will provide that perfect supercar for the collectors and buyers who are not ready to let go of the good old-fashioned petrol powered supercars just yet.

Although it may feel like a bit of an out-dated supercar, Maserati has ensured that the MC20 has been designed and developed such that there can be fully electric versions of it in the future.