Tesla Cybertruck goes on sale in Australia!

by Kiana
November 30, 2019

Tesla opens its order books to the Australian market after 250,000 people sign up for the Cybertruck globally in just one week!

Australian buyers can now secure their spot in the queue for the Cybertruck on the Tesla Australian website, with a $150 deposit.

Tesla has not disclosed any information regarding how many orders have been placed by Australian costumers or when we should be expecting to see the Cybertruck in local showrooms.

No official Australian prices have been released yet but Australian customers can use the US prices as a guide. Prices for the Cybertruck start from $39,900 (AUD$59,000) for a single motor. the next step up in the Cybertruck range starts from $49,900 (AUD$73,500) for a dual motor all-wheel drive model and the top of the line Cybertruck will cost $69,900 (AUD$103,000) for a tri-motor all wheel drive model.

All versions will have adaptive air suspensions so that the Cybertruck has a lower ride at freeway speeds to better slip through the air and yet be able to have class-leading ground clearance when heading off-road.

The tailgate also has a slide out plate that doubles as a ramp to load motor and quad bikes. The rear suspension also drops automatically as the tailgate opens.

So far Tesla has refused to elaborate on what changes the Cybertruck will require before the unit goes into production.