Track your Porsche from Zuffenhausen to your dealer

by Kiana
May 22, 2020

Porsche has launched an online platform called My Porsche and have recently added a Behind the Scenes function allowing customers to get an exclusive look into production of their ordered car at Porsche’s manufacturer in Zuffenhausen.

Porsche has installed cameras at the relevant stations for the 911 and 718 and has linked them to the platform allowing you to actually watch your 911 or 718 being assembled.

“With ‘Behind the Scenes’, we are bringing production to life for our customers.” Christian Friedl, Head of the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen comments.

“Porsche believes in giving its customers a highly personalised experience from the very start – this now includes the time during which they are waiting for their car,” says Robert Ader, Vice President Customer Relations at Porsche. “Our customers can now experience live how their individually configured dream car is being built – this will increase the sense of anticipation even more. We will launch this offering in six markets first and will gradually roll out the service further.”

The applications is available for new car customers from USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Switzerland and Spain. Porsche plans to extend the application for other markets in the coming months.

Customers in the US are also given an insight into the vehicle logistics. Besides information on the production process and the Behind the Scenes function, they can use Porsche Track Your Dream function to track where their car is from production in Germany to across the Atlantic to the dealership for delivery. There’s also a countdown to the final delivery which adds excitement for customer before getting their car, like a kid counting down to Christmas!