What does the future hold for Lotus?

by Kiana
June 18, 2020

According to reports, the British sportscar maker, Lotus, will be introducing one more petrol powered model in 2022 before switching to full electric models.

It’s been suggested that Lotus will be skipping hybrid technology and driving straight into manufacturing fully electric sports cars.

Lotus’s CEO, Phil Popham has explained during an interview AutoExpress that “one of the challenges of a hybrid is you carry a small engine as well as batteries and electric motors, which goes against the philosophy of sports cars, which have a tight package. You want to minimise weight and maximise performance and spread weight in the right places to get the right dynamics. So hybrids do present a challenge.”

One thing that is clear is that Lotus is committed to a fully electric future since being taken over by Chinese owned Geely in 2017 and the launch of their first all electric Evija hypercar.

Long term plans for Lotus also include broadening their product range with additions of saloons, GT cars and possibly even SUVs once they have established their fleet of electric sports cars.