My Favourite Concept Car: Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

One of my favourite things is concept cars. They’re ridiculous with their futuristic design and crazy features (which sound undoable) but it’s because of concept cars pushing boundaries that we move forward in the auto industry and redefine what cars... View Article

I daydream about this car everyday: The Alfa Romeo 4C

A big challenge some petrolheads face is being a car enthusiast with a budget. Every single supercar that you might have your eyes on costs at least a few hundred thousand dollars and the only way of affording them would... View Article

Perfectly Imperfect: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Does the Giulia have the basic Alfa Romeo DNA?

2018 Golf 110TSI: Unexpected Underdog

Before the next generation Golf arrives in Australia, I wanted to share my love for my lovely little car, a seventh generation Golf TSI through what I would call a love letter review.

BMW 330i: Would I buy one? Probably not.

Let us take a much closer look at the 2020 (kinda late but better late than never) BMW 330i M Sport.

More problems for Tesla

Things aren't going too well forTesla.

2021 Porsche 911 GT3 spec sneak peak

Official info about the GT3 has surfaced ahead of its official debut!

Price update for the hottest hatch GR Yaris Rallye

Toyota Australia has released information about prices and delivery dates of the new hot hatch!

Quick News: quick news on Tesla, BMW/Toyota and McLaren

Welcome to the newest segment of Supercar Spoiler: Quick News where we go on a joy ride down News avenue.

Great news for Australian Alfa Romeo enthusiasts

Alfa's road rocket may be coming to OZ!

Lamborghini’s new V10 road legal track inspired beast: Huracan STo

If you were looking to add a new track monster to your collection, you don't need to look any further.

You’ve waited long enough for this! Finally, the new BRZ is here!

The Subaru BRZ is here with a fresh look, new technology and with more power!