BMW 330i: Would I buy one? Probably not.

by Kiana
December 14, 2020

The BMW 330i is the sensible car . You can’t necessarily call it perfect but it is a pretty good choice on the market for anyone who has a brain. It’s a serious, it’s comfortable and a very good everyday car.

The line-up of the 3-Series currently consists of the 320i, 330i, M340i and the top of the range M3. There is also an electric version available called the 330e.

It’s got fair number of rivals to compete with as well, like the Mercedes C-Class, Jaguar XE, Audi A4 and the less serious, more petrolhead appealing Alfa Romeo Giulia.

First thing’s first, powertrain

It has a 2.0-litre twin turbo four-cylinder engine which produces 190kW (258hp) and 400 Nm of torque. Also, it’s German and purposely built to sit comfortably at 200 km/h on the Autobahn so you know, you’re not going to have any issues in the power department.

The 330i is rear-wheel drive with an 8-speed steptronic transmission.


The Alpine White and Black are no cost options available for the 330i. Any other colour will cost you extra.

With the M Sport Pack, you get 19-inch M light alloy wheels as standard with M sport brakes. You also get an aerodynamic pack, M sport suspension, variable sport steering and a bunch of other small touch-ups here and there.

Safety features and equipment

Safety feature of the car includes the Active Guard Plus which has front collision warning with braking function, and departure warning and speed limit info including manual speed limit assist. There’s also Driving Assistant Professional which includes Active Cruise Control, Stop&Go and Cross Traffic Warning. There’s also a Parking Assistant Plus that includes features like Parking Assistant, Active Park Distance Control rear, Reversing Assistant, Surround view, Panorama View and 3D View.

There is also other feature called the Adaptive BMW Laserlight which extends the illumination range in high beam mode to 530m which sounds like a useful option which costs $1,462.

Another safety feature is that there’s decent visibility. They didn’t try to make the car really low and smooth to the point where visibility is affected. It’s lovely. You can see outside really well which is nice.

ANCAP safety rating

The 3-Series has an ANCAP safety rating of 5 stars when it got tested in 2019. The 5 stars rating is for all 2.0-litre rear-wheel-drive variants. Other models have not been tested.

Adult occupant protection scored an impressive 97%, child occupants scoring 87%, vulnerable road user protection also scoring 87% while safety assist scoring 77%.


With the M Sport pack, inside, you will get Sport seats for driver and passenger but personally I don’t like sport seats in a daily use car because I don’t think they will be very comfortable for long time use but the seats were alright in the duration that I had the car for. You also get a bunch of M logos on the interior features like the floor mats and pedals.

Inside, you get a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster (this is the display behind the steering wheel) which has sat nav, radio, wireless phone charger, 10 speaker sound system and 4G network compatibility for updates and Apple CarPlay.

There’s also a 10.25-inch touchscreen control display. You can also try to operate the system with the “Hey BMW” feature, but I reckon it’s one of those shiny features that’s fun to play around with when you first get the car and then it becomes annoying and a redundant feature after a while.


Before all on-road costs the 330i will cost you $71,900 and it comes in two packs: the M Sport or the Luxury line. Driveaway prices for an M Pack 330i will be $81,229 according to driveaway pricing.

Service costs for the 3-Series you can buy it as a 5 year/80,000 km pack for $1,650.

Talking to BMW finance they make all their calculations based on 50% depreciation within 3 years.

Would I buy the car?

Probably not. I would buy the Alfa. I DID buy the Alfa (well I when I say I bought the Alfa I just mean I pressured my mother into buying the Alfa).

Would I recommend the car?

Depends. If you’re looking for a fun sedan and asked me that, I would say no. But if you told me you were looking for a serious sedan to use everyday to go to important meetings, then yes, I would recommend the car to you.

Overall score?

I would give the car a total score of 7/10, minus 2 for being too serious and boring minus 1 because the rear of the car is ugly, sorry.