The Perfect Budget Supercar: the Alfa Romeo 4C

by Kiana
April 10, 2019

It’s very hard being a car enthusiast with a budget. Every single track monster that you may have your eyes on costs at least a few hundred thousand dollars. The good news is that I’ve found the perfect car that can satisfy your track needs and not make you go bankrupt; the Alfa Romeo 4C. Now, the 4C isn’t actually a new car, it’s been around since 2014, but it is possibly the best choice for a budget supercar with average price at $89,000.


The legendary automotive designer; Lorenzo Ramaciotti’s inspiration for the 4C came from the spectaculary good looking 33 Stradale. The front adorns the famous Alfa Romeo grille with bug-eyed headlights which gives the car the right amount of intimidating and approachable look. The rear gets a minimalistic look. The combination of curves and air intakes gives the car a sophisticated and classy look while maintaining that Alfa DNA.

Driving Experience:

The greatest intoxication for a petrolhead is the combination of a great and challenging track, the adrenaline and the animalistic howling of the car that’s being pushed to its limits. The 4C doesn’t get a very big engine but it does have a big roar. Take the car around a corner and it will gurgle and howl and when pushed hard enough it will take part in an enjoyable and yet controllable oversteer, and I can gaurantee you will come out of the corner with a huge grin on your face. The car will put your driving pleasure ahead of everything else, that a fast sedan or a hot hatch simply cannot give you.
Something that has come up before as a negative point about the 4C is that fact that the car does not have power steering meaning it isn’t a car that you can drive with one hand. But for me, the lack of power steering means more driver engagement, and ultimately a better overall driving experience. The lack of power steering might be a problem if you chose to have the 4C as your daily car but if you’re using the car to go to a track or drive up some winding coastal road on the weekend, then it won’t be any issues.

Performance Specifications:

The 4C Coupe has a 1.75 L four cylinder turbo charged engine made entirely of aluminium. It produces 240 hp and 350 Nm of torque with 80% of it being available at just 1700rpm. The car does the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 258 km/h. The right hand drive version of the car is around 100kg heavier than the left hand drive but it still weighs an impressive 1025 kg (with 40:60 weight balance) thanks to the extensive use of carbonfibre that has led to the 4C’s notable power to weight ratio.


A possible downside to the car for me is the interior. It feels very early 2000s considering it was launched not so long ago, the interior technology looks outdated and the buttons on the centre console look a bit bulky and it lacks attention to detail; probably how they kept their low costs. If you keep the 4C as a special occasion car you will have no problem and will enjoy the car a lot but if you decided to use it as an everyday car, it will drive you crazy. It’s too noisy for everday, it has almost no luggage space, it has no cup holders for your coffee and getting in and out of the car is harder than it looks.

Overall, the Alfa 4C is a stunning car and one of the best budget supercars out there and it won’t be around much longer. Alfa will be producing the 4C Coupe for 1 more year only, so get your hands on it while you still can! If you don’t make it in time for the Coupe or would like yourself a convertible, Alfa is planning to continue the production of the 4C Spider for a little while longer!