I daydream about this car everyday: The Alfa Romeo 4C

by Kiana
February 26, 2020

A big challenge some petrolheads face is being a car enthusiast with a budget. Every single supercar that you might have your eyes on costs at least a few hundred thousand dollars and the only way of affording them would be to either sell a few organs, start moving bricks for El Chapo or to sell your house and start living in your shiny new toy! Good news is that I think I’ve found the solution to our little problem! If you are an enthusiast on a budget, let me introduce you to the perfect baby supercar: the Alfa Romeo 4C! Huge thanks to Sports Car World for letting me experience the amazing car that is the Alfa Romeo 4C!

There’s only one way to describe the aesthetics of the Alfa Romeo 4C and that is; a spectacular masterpiece. The car was designed by the legendary automotive designer, Lorenzo Ramaciotti. The inspiration for the 4C came from the good looking 33 Stradale. The front adorns the famous Alfa Romeo grille with bug-eyed headlights, and the rear has a minimalistic look. The combination of curves and air intakes gives the car a sophisticated and classy look. The 4C really is worthy of magazine centrefolds and wall posters!

This car is the perfect partner to a great piece of road with its animalistic howl. Granted, the 4C doesn’t get a very big engine but it does have a big roar. As you go around a corner, the engine will gurgle and howl and when you push it hard enough, it will take part in an enjoyable and yet controllable oversteer (even with my limited and inept driving abilities), and you will come out of the corner with a huge grin on your face.

The 4C Coupe has a 1.75 L four cylinder turbo charged engine made entirely of aluminium. It produces 240 hp and 350 Nm of torque with 80% of it being available at just 1700rpm. The car does the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 258 km/h. The right hand drive version of the car is around 100kg heavier than the left hand drive but it still weighs an impressive 1025 kg (with 40:60 weight balance) thanks to the extensive use of carbonfibre that has led to the 4C’s notable power to weight ratio.

What really stunned me the most about the 4C was how comfortable it was to drive in the city. Most supercars have very firm suspensions, and if you’re in the city and drive over a pothole or speedbump, you can’t help but wonder is it actually worth paying $400K for this car if I’m going to be uncomfortable most of the times that I’m actually in it. But in the 4C, city driving was more comfortable than in my Golf. Also, supercars have terrible ground clearance and when the inevitable happens and you scrape the bottom of your expensive and beloved supercar, a small part of you dies. But you won’t have that issue with the 4C!

The car has a few major downsides. A drawback of the car is the interior. It feels very early 2000s considering it was launched in 2014. The interior technology looks outdated and the buttons on the centre console look a bit bulky and it lacks attention to detail. Another drawback is that the doorsills are pretty wide, so getting in and out of the car is a bit of a struggle and every time I tried to get out of the 4C, I looked like a flopping fish outside of the water! And the wide doorsills also means that if another car is parked too closely to the 4C, you would have a really hard time getting into or out of the car. The 4C also has a few other flaws that are pretty typical for a supercar; it has almost no luggage space, this particular 4C did have cup holders but they were not conveniently located and if you’re a particularly tall person there’s not too much leg room.

Notice the location of the cup holders and the wide doorsills

Now, I did mention that the 4C is a perfect budget supercar but I never discussed the price. On the market the 4C has an average price of $89,000 but depending on year, kilometres and badge you can find one as cheap as $60,000 all the way up to $135,000.

The 4C is a stunning car with a driving pleasure like no other! Driving it, you notice that the car constantly puts your enjoyment ahead of everything else and in a way that a fast sedan or a hot hatch won’t ever be able to do it! This car is the best budget supercar out there and it won’t be around much longer. Unfortunately, Alfa will be producing the 4C coupe for only 1 more year while keeping the Spider version around a little bit longer.