BMW is upset! And Aussie launch date for the iX confirmed

by Kiana
November 16, 2020

I’m guessing BMW read people’s comments on YouTube about how astonishingly ugly the front grille on the new SAV iX is and got upset!

An unimpressed viewer had commented on the car maker’s video “go back to making BMWs”. And BMW’s response was this:

Now, this feels a little bit childish on BMW’s end for multiple reasons:

  1. If they listened to viewers and fans after the launch of the 4-Series earlier in the year they would have realised that most people were not a fan of the front grille and by deciding to implement the same design on the iX they should have been aware of the sort of criticism they were going to receive.
  2. You can’t try to mask the terrible design of the car by calling it “brave” or “innovative”. Considering how many genuinely brave and innovative cars BMW has made in the past like the i3 and i8, I’m surprised the designers weren’t sacked when they explained the grille as “brave” and “innovative” when they were presenting them to the executives.
  3. You can’t go around confronting all of your fans for calling you out when you make yet another ugly car in the same year (the first being the 4-Series).

Anyway, if you don’t like the better-looking Audi e-tron or Mercedes Benz EQC and prefer the iX for some reason, the car is set for delivery during the fourth quarter of 2021.