More problems for Tesla

by Kiana
November 30, 2020

I would say that things aren’t going too well for Tesla at the moment. If you’re following the news on Tesla, you would have heard that according to Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) group, it’s not that difficult to hack a Model X and drive off in a matter of minutes (read more about it here) and now there’s news that apparently the roofs of some Teslas come flying off!

There’s been two incidents of flying roofs. The first one happened in October 2020 when the owners of a brand new Model Y were driving along the freeway in California after just two hours of taking delivery of the their brand new car and witnessed the roof separating from the rest of the car.

The second incident happened in China on November 22. A roof of a Tesla Model S driving on a freeway comes flying off. Apparently Tesla Support China blamed a third party shop for the issue.

Apparently this was Tesla’s response: “Upon initial investigation, said vehicle has been to an authorised third-party shop for a roof glass replacement. We’re unsure of the cause and currently investigating further.”