The next big thing: Superperformante D-One

by Kiana
March 11, 2020

One Wednesday night, I sat, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram when I came across a team of guys with a big dream. Four Italian engineers from big brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti, had decided to follow their dreams.

These guys believe that the true spirit of the ‘made in Italy supercar’ is lost. What were once passionate Italian driving beasts, are now being replaced by mass produced soulless supercars. So, Superperformante wants to follow their dream the old-fashion way; with great passion, a few men and a great car.

On March 3rd, Superperformante launched their first hybrid hypercar concept, the D-One. Superperformante knew that if they wanted their car to take on big names like Ferrari and Pagani, they would have to make the D-One fast! So, they fitted the D-One with a 4-litre twin-turbo charged V6 accompanied by twin-electric motors. The car will be able to produce 1,000 horsepower, with a 0-100 km/h sprint time of just 1.9 seconds and a claimed top speed of 490 km/h. Theoretically, making it faster than the Ferrari P80/C and the Pagani Huayra Imola.

It is a very good looking car.

The bodywork of the D-One is going to be made from composite materials from titanium, magnesium and aluminium. It will have an overall length of 4460 mm, height of 1140 mm and width of 1960 mm. Also, thanks to its smart aerodynamics, the car’s peak downforce is 1,650 kg. The chassis in the D-One has an organic shape, so it has high stiffness and torsional performance. The design of the chassis allows it to be built without any need for welding, no need for use of screws or toxic glue, has an adaptive chassis structure and has shape memory effect (with nanomaterial).

The D-One will have 360o omnidirectional camera so unlike most supercars that you have to drive blindly, you will have no blind spots in the D-One and you won’t need to rely on mirrors for sight. Also, if you decide to drive to a track to drive your car to beyond its limits, you can enjoy a nice and relaxing cruise in your autonomous hypercar.

Since the D-One will be taking on big names like Ferrari and Lamborghini, it won’t come cheap. The Superperformante D-One costs €990,000 (approximately $1.7 AUD) and that’s excluding shipping costs to Australia. But I think it’s worth it. Most loved car brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini started with a dream. That dream here is the D-One. Someone placing an order for the D-One could be beginning of the next big beloved car brand.

If you are interested in the car or investing in their dreams please check their website ( and get intouch with them! I would love to see one on the street one day, just zooming by!