Toyota’s GR Yaris: world’s hottest hatch?

by Kiana
November 13, 2020

Toyota’s GR Yaris has gotten a few mixed reviews around the world after its initial road test.

While some have claimed that the GR Yaris is more of a warm hatch rather than a hot hatch, Top Gear has given the car a perfect score of 10/10 making the GR Yaris the sixth car in history of Top Gear to ever receive this high honour!

According to Top Gear, the car is the closest thing to a rally car you can legally drive on the road and even claimed it to be “the best Toyota [they’ve] ever driven.”

Powering the little hatch is a 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine producing 192 kW and 361 Nm of torque. It is 4WD and there is only one transmission option and that is a six-speed manual. When you give the manual handbrake a little tug while driving, it disconnects the drive to the rear wheels much like a little rally car.

Top Gear has awarded the perfect score to five other cars including the LaFerrari, Porsche 918, McLaren P1, Ferrari 250, McLaren 675LT and now the little GR Yaris.

It’s not just Top Gear that have fallen in love with the hot hatch. AutoCar Magazine has also wanted to award the car six stars out of five and described it as “the most exciting addition to the hot hatchback market in a decade.”

There are two versions that will be available. There is the regular GR Yaris – 1000 of them sold within one week in September in Australia – and then there is the higher spec GR Yaris that will be called the Rallye.

The higher spec GR Yaris limited-slip front and rear differentials, stickier Michelin tyres, and lighter alloy wheels.

No pricing has been released yet for the Rallye yet.