Quick News: there’s a new Bugatti Chiron, BMW doesn’t mind if you want to change the design of the 4-Series & Maserati hoping to go fully electric

by Kiana
December 1, 2020

There’s a new limited edition Bugatti Chiron 

Named the ‘Les Legendes du Ciel’ (Legends of the Sky/Heaven), the latest limited Chiron has been inspired by famous racing drivers from the last century.

Each priced at $AUD4.6 million, the car is based on the Chrion Sport and limited to only 20 units and deliveries are scheduled to start early 2021.

While nothing seems to be new in the car in mechanical terms, the car is all about exclusivity that add around $166,000 in value.

The car is finished in Gris Serpent, a grey shade inspired by French millitary aircrafts in 1920s, with a white gloss centre stripe that runs from the bonnet to the rear wing. It has the colours of the French flag on the carbon fibre sills on the front of the car with a special logo on the front wheel arches.

Inside the car there is Gaucho leather with aluminium trim to provide a beautiful contrast and there’s the ‘Les Legendes du Ciel’ logo on the head rests. There’s also the special edition numbering.

But the most impressive interior feature is the hand-sketched racing scenes between the Nieuport 17 aircraft and a Bugatti Type 13, which symbolizes the two souls honored by the edition that have been done on the door panels.

“Bugatti has had close associations with aviation since the company was established more than 110 years ago. Many successful Bugatti racing drivers, such as Albert Divo, Robert Benoist and Bartolomeo ‘Meo’ Costantini, flew for the French Air Force, the French aviator legend Roland Garros privately drove a Bugatti Type 18 to be as fast on the road as in the air,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “It is therefore almost an obligation for us today to pay tribute to the legends of that time and dedicate a special edition to them.”

BMW doesn’t mind if you want to change the design of the 4-Series 

The head of exterior design of BMW, Christopher Weil, has said ahead of the official launch of the 4-Series in Australia that the car was intentionally designed like that so that it will stand apart from the 3-Series.

“The 4 Series, in our aim, should be more expressive, more progressive and also more elegant than the 3 Series.”

Yes, but should it also be ugly to stand apart? That’s the important question.

Mr Weil has said that he is open to customers choosing to customise their cars – including the kidney grilles – as it allows the customers to express themselves through the design of the car.

I’m sure new parts will be available soon the market to fix the look of the grille to a more traditional look for those interested to changing.

It is interesting though, how BMW is justifying the new grille looks on the 4-Series and the iX3 as “something special” when most argue that the new design is neither of those things.

Maserati to go fully electric by 2025

According to Maserati’s CEO, the manufacturer is working to change the line-up of models to hybrids and fully electric powertrains by 2025.

No further details have been released yet.